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Stop juggling all your bills. Reorganize most of your debts into one easy monthly payment with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. McDonald Law Offices has helped thousands on people get their fresh start. Call Today to get your fresh start.

  Do you remember what it was like when you did not have to juggle your bills or avoid picking up the phone to talk to a creditor? The Phoenix bankruptcy attorney with McDonald Law Offices understands what you are going through. We can help you get that stress free feeling back. We can stop the creditor calls for you. Immediately upon retaining our Phoenix bankruptcy law firm, you may refer your creditors to us, and we will take the calls for you. We are here to help! Our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer has been helping people just like you solve debt problems for over 25 years.

Our Phoenix chapter 13 lawyer will put you at ease about your situation and talk to you about the benefits of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are facing foreclosure, you may find that a chapter 13 is right for you. Our Arizona Bankruptcy attorneys will review the Arizona foreclosure laws with you and explain how the foreclosure process works. We will explain how the filing of a Chapter 13 will stop the foreclosure and how the lender will be required by federal law to accept payments through your court supervised plan to catch up any missed payments, late charges and other fees that you owe. By the end of the bankruptcy proceedings your loan will be current. Our attorneys have been able to keep thousands of clients in their homes by stopping foreclosure. Call today and talk to one of our experienced Phoenix chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys who will explain how we can help you keep your home even if you are behind on the payments.

If you are struggling to make your vehicle payments and your vehicle is in danger of being repossessed, you may find that a chapter 13 is right for you. For over 25 years we have stopped lenders from repossessing vehicles. Through the filing of a chapter 13, our clients have been able to continue to use the vehicle for work and household obligations without the threat of repossession. When you talk to one of our attorneys we will explain what we can do for you to allow you to keep your vehicle. We will also explain how we may be able to reduce the remaining balance owed on your auto loan saving you thousands of dollars. Call today and talk to one of our experienced Phoenix chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys who will explain how we can help you keep your vehicle even if you are behind on the payments.

If it is tax issues that you are dealing with, we can help with that to. We can force the IRS to stop their collection action including stopping wage and bank account levies. The Glendale bankruptcy attorney at McDonald Law Offices has resolved IRS and Department of Revenue tax issues for over 25 years. In fact, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyer has helped clients discharge millions of dollars in tax debt. At McDonald Law Offices we understand Arizona Bankruptcy laws and our Arizona Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can explain how you can discharge taxes. We will also explain how you can repay, without interest and penalties, those taxes that can not be discharged through a court supervised chapter 13 plan. Call McDonald Law Offices today for a free consultation. Let our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys show you how a Chapter 13 can stop the IRS from collecting from you.

A Chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy in which you put together a plan that specifies how the debts are going to be paid back. Instead of continuing to pay all of the different creditors that you have each month, you will only make one monthly payment. The payment will be made to a court appointed trustee. The trustee will act as a disbursing agent and pay your creditors for you. The typical plan will last between thirty six and sixty months. At the end of the plan duration, the court will enter a discharge canceling the remainder of your debt with a few exceptions.
Reorganize your debts into a easy monthly payment.

Chapter 13 has many advantages, including:

If you have fallen behind on your house payments, you are not alone. Thousands of Arizona residents have fallen behind on their house payments, often due to circumstances beyond their control. If you have fallen behind, this is not the time to throw in the towel. Chapter 13 can help you keep your home. A chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure. When you file chapter 13, the back payments, late charges and other fees resulting from the default are put into the plan and the trustee that has been appointed in your case will cure the default over the course of the plan. Even if your lender has put you in foreclosure, you can stop the foreclosure through the filing of a chapter 13. If you give our bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix Arizona a call we will be happy to spend all the time that you need explaining how a chapter 13 will allow you to keep your home.

If you have a second mortgage or equity line of credit against your house, our bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix will discuss the possibility of having the mortgage or line of credit removed as a lien against your property. The procedure is sometimes referred to as lien stripping. If the lien is stripped off, you will no longer have to make the payments and the debt will be discharged at the end of your plan. We have successfully stripped hundreds of liens and saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Give our Phoenix bankruptcy law attorney a call and we will discuss with you whether we can do the same for you.

If your home has a homeowners association and you are behind on the HOA payments, a chapter 13 can help you cure the default. When you file a chapter 13 the back payments will be added to your Chapter 13 Plan and repaid over time. This is true even if the HOA has a lien against the property. Our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers will be happy to show you how we can get the HOA off your back and arrange for you to be able to repay the missed payments over a three to five year period of time.

If you have a vehicle loan and like many of us have been struggling to make the payments a chapter 13 can help. A chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the repossession of your vehicle. When you file chapter 13 you can keep the vehicle even if you are behind on the payments at the time that your case is filed. Once the chapter 13 is filed our Phoenix chapter 13 attorney will contact the lender and stop the lender from repossessing the vehicle. You will no longer make the vehicle payments to the lender once the Chapter 13 case is filed. Instead, the payment that you make once a month to the trustee will be used to make the vehicle payments. The payments will be made by the trustee to the lender. In some cases, the Chapter 13 Plan will allow you to pay the lesser of the vehicle’s value or debt amount through the plan. You can potentially save thousands of dollars. At the end of your plan, the lien will be released even if you were only required to repay the lender an amount equal to the value of the vehicle. If you are struggling to make the vehicle payments or facing repossession, give our Phoenix chapter 13 lawyer a call so we can begin protecting your vehicle immediately.

If you have a vehicle loan and the vehicle has been repossessed, a chapter 13 may help you get the vehicle back. As long as you file the Chapter 13 before the vehicle has been sold, it is more likely than not that the bankruptcy court will order that the lender return the vehicle to you. You will keep the vehicle without having to make any more payments directly to the lender. The payments will be made by your bankruptcy trustee to the lender. If your vehicle has been repossessed, don’t delay. Call our Phoenix chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney immediately so we can start to work on getting your vehicle returned to you.

If you owe the IRS or State Department of Revenue for what are considered priority tax debts, the taxes will be repaid through the Chapter 13 Plan. As long as a lien has not been filed, the tax debt will be repaid without any further interest or penalties. You may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If a lien has been filed, the debt will be repaid through the plan with interest. If you have tax issues we can help. Give our Glendale Arizona bankruptcy attorney a call and he will take the time to show you how a chapter 13 can help you get the IRS off your back.

If making your student loan payments is preventing you from paying the remainder of your bills, a chapter 13 can help. A student loan creditor can not collect from you while you are in the Chapter 13. Therefore, although student loan debts are not dischargeable unless the court determines that there is an undue hardship, you can keep the creditor off your back until you receive your discharge and are then in a better position to repay the loan.

If you have assets that are considered non-exempt, meaning that they are not protected by law a chapter 13 will allow you to keep those non-exempt assets. Unlike a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 trustee can not require that you turn over non-exempt assets as long as you meet the reconciliation requirement. Our Phoenix chapter 13 lawyers understand what property is exempt and what is not. Give us a call today and we will explain what property you can protect and how you can protect it.
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Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
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