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The Arizona bankruptcy attorneys at McDonald Law Offices have been helping individuals solve their debt problems for over 25 years. We have helped thousands of people just like you get the fresh start that you need and deserve. A bankruptcy consultation with our lawyers is always free. Call Today! (480)-968-3100
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Depending on your financial situation and the debts you owe, bankruptcy can help you in different ways. One of our attorneys can discuss with you how your debts will be treated in bankruptcy and advise you on which bankruptcy chapter will best suit your situation.

Debt problems can and do happen for nearly everyone at one time or another. Let our experienced Tempe bankruptcy attorney help relieve your anxiety and stress and stop collection calls and threats. A bankruptcy consultation is always free and will provide you with a clear understanding of your rights. Even if you have already met with another Phoenix bankruptcy attorney and you are looking for the best bankruptcy attorney to help you out of a tough situation, please feel free to contact us for a second opinion. We have an outstanding reputation when it comes to helping individuals resolve their debt problems.

If you are facing vehicle repossession, we can help. Our bankruptcy attorneys can stop repossession of your vehicle or even get your vehicle back if it has already been repossessed, and not yet sold.
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Don't lose your home, You can stop foreclosure through the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We can arrange for you to keep your home and cure the past due payments.
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If you are burdened by unpaid tax debt we can help. The Glendale bankruptcy attorney at McDonald Law Offices has handled IRS and Department of Revenue tax issues for over 25 years. In fact, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyer has successfully discharged millions in tax debt for our clients. Give our Glendale bankruptcy lawyer a call to see if we can help you discharge or reorganize your tax debt.
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If medical debts and credit card bills are making it impossible to afford to pay your everyday expenses, we are here to help. The McDonald Law Offices bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix have discharged millions of dollars in medical and credit card debt for our clients through the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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We have the experienced bankruptcy lawyers you need to obtain the fresh start you deserve.


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Please call McDonald Law Offices to schedule a time to talk to one of our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys. If you call during our business hours it is likely that one of our bankruptcy lawyers will be available to talk to you when you call.

The attorney will be able to go over how you can stop foreclosure, stop garnishment, and eliminate other debts through the filing of bankruptcy. During the call our lawyers will be able to determine if you qualify, how much it will cost to declare bankruptcy, what debts your bankruptcy will cover, and how long it takes to file.

CALL NOW! There is no obligation and the consultation is free.

The experienced attorneys at McDonald law Offices help clients achieve debt relief by stopping foreclosure, garnishment, repossessions, and judgments. Our lawyers represent clients throughout the state of Arizona including the following areas:

Tempe Glendale Casa Grande
Mesa Peoria Florence
Chandler Surprise Yuma
Scottsdale Sun City Prescott
Phoenix Avondale Queen Creek
Apache Junction Goodyear San Tan Valley
Cave Creek Buckeye Camp Verde
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Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
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Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100
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Call for a free Consultation. (480)-968-3100

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